Friday, July 14, 2017

Stop Telling Me Wrestling is Fake, The Mae Young Classic Brought out Real Emotions

When WWE revealed the participants for the Mae Young Classic, it reminded me that a sport that so many haters call fake is actually real to many. If you would have said the WWE would have an-all women's tournament, the first thought would have been there is no way they will have women that actual wrestle. The second thought it there will be untelevised matches on superstars that features models and women who love to entertain but not necessarily have a passion for the wrestling business. 

There are so many women in this tournament that grew up watching wrestling and like many of them men on the roster their desire has always been to put on five star wrestling matches. The Mae Young Classic proved that there is a Real fan base for women's wrestling. Take Mia Yim. She has been a staple in independent wrestling for over five years and her ability to connect with a crowd has been out of this world 

Is this real for the vets too? You better believe it. Mercedes Martinez has been one of the best women's wrestlers in the world for a decade. But now the WWE audience will get to see what they have been missing. For me, my dream match is for her to take on Charlotte Flair. Charlotte is genetically superior, but can she overcame the reining and concurrent Shimmer, WSU, and WXW Women's Champion? We need to find out. Could you imagine the story they will tell in the ring?  

What is beautiful about this tournament is that there is a host of women's wrestlers that will be representing this beautiful world. One of the women who I am excited to see is Marti Belle. She will proudly represent the Dominican Republic. Fans may be familiar with her work at Impact Wrestling, but she is ready to unleash a whole new arsenal. So you may have dissed women wrestling, you may have dissed wrestling in general by calling it fake but one thing is a fact, these women getting an opportunity to showcase their God-given ability in the ring is as real as it gets! 

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