Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Belt Glows Means Money in Naomi

On the most recent episode of Smackdown Live, Lana felt the glow for a third time. Naomi made short work of her as she successfully defended the Smackdown Live Women's Title. But one thing fans noticed this week, is that the title glows. On Talking Smack, Daniel Bryan said, "we've invested too much money on that you better hold on to it." If follow the #Naomob on Twitter, you know that fans have been craving for this moment for more than a year. When Naomi took on a new attitude in 2015 when she beat down Paige in her hometown, fans knew she was on to something. And finally, fans have what they have been asking for. Not only is she the Smackdown women's champion but she also has a custom title. Not everyone gets a custom title. 

Wrestlers with Custom Titles 
Ultimate Warrior

Warrior held a custom Intercontinental title as well as a custom WWE championship. It was a change of the leather. 

Goldust Gold Intercontinental Title
When Goldust burst on the scene, he was oozed in nothing but gold. It made sense for him to change the strap to gold when he defeated Razor Ramon in 1996. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Smoking Skull Title 

During the height of his career, Stone Cold Steve Austin wore the smoking skull title when he was the WWE Champion. 

John Cena
United States Spinner
WWE Championship Spinner

John Cena wore Spinner titles to complement his Word Life gimmick. Eventually the WWE Championship Spinner title would become so popular that it was the standard title until 2013. 

Edge Rated-R Spinner
When Edge became WWE champion after cashing in the inaugural money in the bank briefcase he solified his Rated-R superstar gimmick with a custom Rated R title 

The Miz custom title with the M
The Miz decided to turn the WWE logo upside down when he was WWE champion. 

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