Thursday, August 24, 2017

Kobe Bryant Issues a Challenge to Isaiah Thomas

Kobe Bryant, no longer playing in the NBA, but still challenges today's current players. The latest, Isaiah Thomas. Kobe goes to Instagram to challenge Thomas to make the All-NBA First Team next season. 

Isaiah Thomas was recently traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers along with Jae Crowder and a 1st round draft pick for Kyrie Irving. Thomas was the leader, heart and soul of the Celtics. The team that was the number one seed in the Eastern Conference. Now he will be the second best player on the team. What is Kobe doing exactly? He is challenging Isaiah Thomas to continue to be the star that he is and not get lost in playing second fiddle to LeBron. Shaq was the leader and Kobe was number two, but Shaq still called Kobe the greatest player in the universe. When Shaq moved on, Kobe needed and eventually proved that he could bring the Los Angeles Lakers a championship being The Guy!

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