Sunday, August 20, 2017

It's Time for Ghost and Kanan to Reunite

He lost his daughter and there is no doubt that he will lose his mind. We all know his best friend Tommy is crazy. But Tommy often gets trigger happy. When Ghost goes out to find Raina's killer, he is going to need someone who can think for him, who can pick apart the enemy. There is no better time than to call Kanan. While Ghost and Kanan have both come to the point of killing each other, there was once love there. Ghost even told him, he had to either kill him or set him up to go to jail. He told Kanan that you were my brother and I couldn't take you out like that. When Kanan had a choice to kill Ghost and his son, he couldn't. Seeing as he is the one who led Tariq to the life that he is not built for, he could help him get out. Ghost is going to avenge his daughter. It is time for him to call on one of the baddest dudes in New York to help.

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