Saturday, August 26, 2017

Joe Flacco: The Rise and Fall of his Madden Rating

So I'm sitting here playing Madden and as usual, I check the player ratings. I notice that the guy who deemed himself "Elite" and then went out there and won a Super Bowl suddenly was slipping in the ratings. While it's clear that his play on the field has not been where it was in 2012, suddenly Joe Flacco's player rating was sub-85. In fact it was an 81. This is the second year in a row, but considering he was coming off an injury going into Madden 17, I thought maybe that wasn't fair. But I had do some research to see where his rating was each year the game was released. 

Madden 09- 79
Madden 10 - 81
Madden 11 - 87
Madden 12 - 88
Madden 13 - 88 
Madden 25 - 93 (Post- Super Bowl win)
Madden 15 - 86
Madden 16 - 89
Madden 17 - 81
Madden 18 -81

Seeing the rise and fall of Joe Flacco on paper really helps fans outside of Ravens Nation understand why fans are ready for a divorce. 
Who knows, from Madden 15 to Madden 16, Flacco's overall raised by three points. Maybe a strong season will his ratings and silence the fans. After all, winning cures everything. 

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