Wednesday, September 6, 2017

2017 NFL Season Week 1 Predictions

Finally, the NFL season is here. I took a year off, but I am BACK with my weekly predictions. 

This week's game of the week is the Cowboys and the Giants. Last year the Giants beat the Cowboys twice in a nail biter. This is the only team that rookie quarterback Dak Prescott played that he could not beat when he lead his team to the first overall seed with a record of 13-3. He will look to redeem himself in week 1. Another storyline, Ezekiel Elliott. Zeke will serve a six game suspension this season after his off the field antics. Due to the fact that his first appeal was not decided upon until Tuesday evening, he is eligible for week 1. 

Chiefs vs Patriots. Patriots

Jets vs Bills. Bills

Ravens vs Bengals. Ravens

Cardinals vs Lions. Cardinals 

Jaguars vs Texans. Texans

Falcons vs Bears. Falcons

Steelers vs Browns. Steelers 

Raiders vs Titans. Raiders

Eagles vs Redskins. Eagles

Colts vs Rams. Rams

Panthers vs 49ers. Panthers 

Seahawks vs Packers. Seahawks

*Giants vs Cowboys. Cowboys

Saints vs. Vikings. Saints 

Chargers vs. Broncos. Chargers. 

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