Wednesday, September 20, 2017

2017 NFL Season Week 3 Predictions (Current Record 22-9 )

Week 2 Notes
Last week we saw the New England Patriots led by Tom Brady bounced back with a vengeance in their 36-20 win over the Saints. Ezekiel Elliot had the WORST game of his life, rushing for only 8 yards on 9 attempts. The Ravens defense brought their season total of turnovers with 10 in their win over the Browns.

Rams vs 49ers Rams
Ravens vs Jaguars Ravens
Dolphins vs Jets Dolphins
*Texans vs Patriots Patriots
Falcons vs Lions Falcons
Steelers vs Bears Steelers
Giants vs Eagles Giants
Buccaneers vs Vikings Buccaneers
Broncos vs Bills Broncos
Browns vs Colts Colts
Saints vs Panthers Panthers
Seahawks vs Titans Titans
Bengals vs Packers Packers
Chiefs vs Chargers Chiefs
Raiders vs Redskins Raiders
Cowboys vs Cardinals Cowboys

Game of the Week
The Texans are 2-0 and playing the 1-1 Patriots. The Patriots struggled with the Chiefs defense in week 1 and could see some of the same stuggles in Week 3 when they face JJ Watt. However, The Texans are sending a rookie quarterback to Foxboro. This will give the Patriots the edge.

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