Sunday, September 3, 2017

Do You Still Hate Tariq?

With his sister gone, his twin sister, he can never be the same. He was tired of everyone lying to him so he made the mistake of turning to the streets. Tariq learned quickly that he was not about that life. However, his past sins caught up with him, costing his twin sister Raina her life. Tariq became the most hated child in television history. But before season 4 ended, he made sure he avenged his daughter's killer. Considering he did the right thing, do you still hate him?

Tariq made it very easy to hate him. Setting up people to get killed, robbing people, pushing his sister down, lying to his parents, lying to his sister, the list goes on and on. With him doing all of these things, we saw the Internet crying for someone to kill Tariq. Personally, I never wanted to see the kid die, I just wanted to see him get an old fashioned but whupping from his parents. Clearly he will never be the same. He is now a killer. Hopefully he has learned his lesson and will go to the private school that his sister wanted to, but it will be hard to imagine him being a scholar now.

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