Monday, September 4, 2017

My Kobe Challenges for the WWE Roster

On Mamba Day (August 24th), Kobe Bryant issued a challenge to a handful of athletes and musicians. Bleacher Report recently issued Kobe challenges to a player for every NBA team. As we now enter the time frame in which the WWE competes with the NFL, there are times where the product seems lackluster to the casual fans. I am challenging various superstars to go beyond that and be better. Now before you get upset, remember, it's just for fun.

Vince McMahon
Challenge: Give us a 100% African-American WWE Champion.

Now I am not one of the people that do not recognize The Rock as African-American. But let's be real, he is mixed with Samoan. There was Mark Henry, Junkyard Dog, and Booker T who had the potential to hold the strap, but there were white counterparts who were super over during their time. But now it is time for us to have a champion. Is this guy in the WWE family? I don't know, I don't get paid to discover talent, but we have seen Vince create iconic characters such as Goldust and the Undertaker. He has another left in him.

Triple H
Challenge: Give us one more epic battle with The Rock at WrestleMania

You and The Rock had some of the greatest matches in the early 2000s. Matches this generation would love to see. WrestleMania is the one place where you two never had a one-on-one match. New Orleans would be the perfect place for you two to have your last encounter.

Brock Lesnar
Challenge: Give us two Raws per month

You are money. When you show up to Raw, everyone tunes in. With Goldberg winning the WWE Universal Title in February and then you beating him at WrestleMania, we have almost forgotten what the title looked like. If you show up to Raw with the title more, we would see the WWE destroying the NFL in the ratings.

Roman Reigns
Challenge: Embrace your heel persona

You know how fans feel about you. We know it gets to you. You literally have your cousin's story all over again. While you may not have the natural charisma that he does, you do have the ability to make people hate you. They already do. So go with it. Destroy John Cena on the mic and his fans as well.

AJ Styles
Challenge: Bring Smackdown's ratings past Raw

While Jinder Mahal is the WWE Champion, you are the most important champion. We need to see you in more segments and more shows outside of wrestling. You have thrived in the WWE world. Now it is your time to set records for Smackdown's ratings.

Seth Rollins
Challenge: Be the Megastar you were primed to become

When you won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, you went on a run that made me call you the next megastar in WWE. You were on your way to being on the level of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Since your return from injury, you have not been the same architect. Get back to that.

Finn Balor
Challenge: Win some WWE gold again.

You will go down in history as the first WWE Universal Champion. No one will ever take that away from you. If you do not plan to challenge Lesnar right now, go challenge for the Intercontinental Championship. Your work rate is amazing and you should be on that list of great champions.

Kevin Owens
Challenge: Win the WWE Championship

You can go down as the first person in history to ever win the WWE Universal Championship and then the WWE Championship. With you leading the Smackdown brand, fans will tune in. You never stop running your mouth and doing that on Tuesday nights will take the brand through the roof.

Jason Jordan
Challenge: Make your dad pay

Your dad was missing from your life for years. He owes you and owes you big. Make him award you title shots on demand. Use him to reach the mountain top. Become a singles champion in the WWE.

Shinsuke Nakamura
Challenge: Become the First Japanese WWE Champion

You ooze in charisma. Do what you did in NXT win the big one.

Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish
Challenge: Takeover NXT and destroy everything moving

The same way Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Hollywood Hulk Hogan destroyed WCW, you three should do the same with NXT. Make us wondering if things were a work or a shoot. Blur the lines. Once you finished there, come up to the main roster and do the same thing. 

More challenges to come. Meanwhile, let me know what your challenges are to the WWE Superstars

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