Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Brothers Are Back

At one point, all three of these guys have tried to kill each other but after carefully thinking, failing to pull the trigger, or even thinking one was dead later to find out it wasn't true, the three most powerful men from Queens are still around. Ghost, Tommy and Kanan have once again reunited. 

When Ghost and Tommy was coming up in the streets, Kanan mentored them. However, after he would not go with the bigger plan, Ghost decided it was best to set him and send him to jail rather than kill him. Now if you been following you know the story on how their battle in the warehouse panned out. But now, they have a bigger problem, Dre. 

Dre was Ghost protege. Everything Ghost was to Kanan, Dre was to Ghost. When Ghost was in jail, it was Tommy and Dre running things. But Dre got greedy for power and his desire became to be the biggest got darn drug dealer. In order to do that, he began lying to Tommy and Ghost about Kanan's whereabouts while lying to Kanan about everything else. With all that, the worse thing that could possibly happen did, the death of Ghost's daughter Raina. It was Dre who was in cahoots with Ray-Ray, the man who killed Raina. Now that Ray-Ray is gone, the trio have shifted their attention to Dre. After all, he is trying to cut off their money. With his life hanging in the balance, how long do you believe he will last in season 5? 

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