Sunday, October 29, 2017

AJ Styles Deserves the Main Event of WrestleMania

There have been many wrestlers or as they say, superstars who have come and gone in World Wrestling Entertainment. There has been no one to carry the ball the way John Cena has. More than a decade on top, Cena has been any promoters dream and Vince McMahon's reality. However, there is no doubt that the wheels on the bus are starting to get worn. So who is next to grab the brass ring and lead the company into the next generation? That question still reminds, but there is a guy who has been carrying the company while Cena has been gone. His name, AJ Styles.

AJ Styles arrived to the WWE in 2016 at the Royal Rumble and has been must see TV ever since. "This is where I belong." The words he uttered the next night when the WWE Universe first heard him speak before his Raw debut. He proved just that, he belonged in the WWE. Styles went on to have perhaps the best one-on-one match to date with Roman Reigns, he beat up John Cena on more than one occasion, including at SummerSlam. And within 10 months of his WWE debut, AJ Styles was the WWE Champion after defeating Dean Ambrose at Backlash.

Styles went on to have an incredible run until he just came up short, losing the title to John Cena at the Royal Rumble. Styles went on to WrestleMania to open the show against Shane McMahon in a very personal matchup. The two would set the tone to an emotional night that would be known as the Undertaker's last match. Styles would continue to rack up WWE gold, winning the United States Championship from Kevin Owens.

Why does he deserve to main event the grand daddy of them all? Recently the WWE found themselves in a bind when a sickness went through the Raw locker room. This left Finn Balor without an opponent. Who did they call? AJ Styles. Now clearly, everyone on the roster was not in a match, but the WWE went to Mr. dependable. They went to the guy they knew they could trust to give Balor a good match and there would not need to be an explanation. Styles had to get on a plane immediately after his match in Chile and travel to back to the Minneapolis, Minnesota to wrestle at TLC, then he stuck around for Monday Night Raw and then back to Smackdown Live on Tuesday. There is no doubt that the fans enjoyed it. This guy has a proved a track record, therefore it is only right to close the granddaddy of them all WrestleMania 34 with The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles!

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