Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Shield Also Known as Three Beyoncés

The Shield were WWE’s latest Table for 3. During that time they discussed their careers and how they were successful both as individuals and as a unit. They called themselves, the three Beyoncé’s. So for fun, let’s match them up with which variation of Beyonce. 

Roman Reigns - Beyonce 2016

In 2016, Beyonce was truly the biggest star in the entertainment industry. As we look back at each Shield member, Roman is the biggest star with the most crossover appeal. Just like Beyonce, Roman has his fans and his fair share of haters. While he doesn’t have a hive right now, he is still the biggest star of The Shield. 

Dean Ambrose - Beyonce 1999

Remember when Destiny Child first came on the scene? We all knew that Beyonce was the star. This is why Dean Ambrose compares to her. His independent following deemed him the biggest star. He was also the first to earn a singles match with the Undertaker and more importantly the first to win singles gold. 

Seth Rollins - Beyonce 2003

Remember when Beyonce broke out of Destiny’s Child and released Crazy in Love? Reminds me of how Seth Rollins hit Roman in the back with the chair and later cashed in his Money in the Bank Contract to win the WWE Championship. Rollins simply made you respect him as a breakout star from the Shield. 

Just like Beyonce, The Shield have all found success in similar ways with different paths. 

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