Tuesday, November 7, 2017

AJ Styles is WWE Champion Once Again

The face that runs the place is finally back on top! Going back to his old stomping grounds of the United Kingdom, AJ Styles was able to defeat Jinder Mahal, ending Mahal’s 5 1/2 month reign as the WWE Champion. Styles is the first WWE Superstar to win the title outside of North America in 54 years. 

With Styles defeating Mahal, the Survivor Series has been shaken up. Styles will now face Brock Lesnar in a WWE Champion vs Universal Champion Match. After competing in Chile last Month, the Face That Runs the Place was asked to fill in on a Raw pay-per-view where he and Finn Balor stole the show. If that wasn’t enough, he competed the next night on Raw. That same night, he was joined by his Smackdown team members and they proceeded to beat up the Raw roster in what would become known as the Smackdown Seige. 

Considering how Styles pulled a fast one on the Raw roster, there has to be nobody happier than Kurt Angle that Styles is the new WWE Champion. Why? Because he gets to unleash the Beast. 

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