Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Are the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles on Their Way?

In 2014, women’s wrestling took a turn for the best. It was A.J. Lee, a woman who fans looked at her strictly for her wrestling ability, who was able to hold the title for a long time. Since then we have witness the women main event Monday Night Raw, Smackdown Live, and even the Hell in a Cell match. As the women continue to become a vital part of the show, there is talks of a WWE women's tag team championship. 

There was a time when there were women's tag team titles. Now they only last about six years. The first champions were Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria. The last champions were The Glamour Girls. This is also a time where the women's title would soon disappear until the 90s. 

With the women's roster increasing, 10 to be exact, this seems to be the best time to add gold to the division. Recently on Raw and Smackdown, we saw a few NXT women invade the show and make a statement as they joined the main roster. While they attacked the champion, no one expects them to compete for the title right away. Is it possible that they could be womens tag team champions? Only time will tell. 

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