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Seasons of the WWE Attitude Era

In the world of pro wrestling, there are time periods are more popular than others. If you ask anyone who is in between the age of 30 and 40, The WWE Attitude Era will more than likely be their favorite time in wrestling. During the time, it was hard to find anyone who was not a fan. On the WWE Attitude Era DVD, The Road Dogg said it was a cultural revolution and the WWE was int he middle of it. The WWE noticed it was time to change with the times and thus led to the birth of the attitude.

Now there are many articles, blogs, and stories about the Attitude Era, and this will be another one. But it will be different. I want to discuss the seasons of wrestling during the Attitude Era. During the Survivor Series preview of the Wrestling Wrealm, The Real Dwayne Allen stated that the fall season is a time where he really enjoys wrestling. So as I was thinking about the Attitude Era, I thought about, what was the best seasons during that time. I am going to consider the era 1997-2001. Each season, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, will be paired up with a year. Of course, tweet me your favorite times.

Winter - 1999

(January- March)
The winter of 1999 was used to build up one of wrestlings greatest matchups, The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. During this time, Austin was chasing the WWE Championship, which he lost in September and at the same time, The Rock was being established as a superstar after winning his first world championship during the Fall of 98. During this time, Mick Foley finally broke through the glass ceiling when he won his first WWE title. That would lead to WWE officially passing WCW in the rating war.

Best PPV: Royal Rumble
Match of the Season: The Rock vs Mankind, Royal Rumble

Spring - 1999 

(March - June)

The Spring of 1999 was one of the few times in WWE history where it seemed that the company did not have any drop off after WrestleMania. While 1998 things got hot during the Austin Era and the emergence of D-Generation X, they were still chasing WCW. In the second week of  May of 1999, they destroyed the NBA (playoffs) in ratings, 8.1-1.2. During this time, the success led to a test pilot of Smackdown later that month. Like the Spring of 1998, 99 also saw an Austin title reign and after finishing his feud with The Rock, he was right in a feud with The Undertaker. And who can forget the revelation of the Higher Power?

Best PPV: WrestleMania
Match of the Season: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock

Summer - 1998

(June - September)

Foley said that Kevin Sullivan stated that the night of the King of the Ring officially ended any chance that the WCW would have at coming back during the war. While WCW was hot at this time, they were in the midst of going downhill. Goldberg had won the title, the NWO Wolfpac was the most popular thing going, but before you knew it they were in the toilet. As far as the WWE was concerned, their mid-card was hotter than WCW's main event with The Rock leading the Nation going head up against Triple H's D-Generation X.

Best PPV: Summerslam 98
Match of the Season: Undertaker vs Mankind, King of the Ring

Fall - 1997

(September - December)

1997 is credited with the start of the era. Most consider the night after the Montreal Screwjob the beginning. But if you look at the Attitude Era, there was not one year that had a better fall than 97. In October we saw the first Hell in a Cell match which led to the debut of the Big Red Machine, Kane. Kane's character brought out an entirely new side of the Undertaker

Best PPV: Survivor Series 98
Match of the Season: Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels

Honorable Mentions

Winter - 2000

The winter of 2000 saw the birth of the McMahon-Hemsley Era. Triple H proved by now that he was a main eventer and suddenly the Billion Dollar Princess was no longer daddy's little girl. The Rock was clearly the top babyface and with Stone Cold Steve Austin out, these guys proved they could still keep the business hot.

Best PPV: Royal Rumble

Match of the Season: Cactus Jack vs Triple H,  No Way Out

Fall - 1998

The Fall of 1998 was a different time for the Attitude Era. Throughout most of the season, there was not a WWE champion, but the build-up to the Survivor Series was special. During this time, fans started to pull for The Rock as he was fresh out of the Nation and quickly becoming a top babyface. Stone Cold Steve Austin was still on fire and looking to regain his title. And just as The Rock had won the hearts of the fans, he ripped it right out when he joined Vince McMahon and became the Corporate Champion. 

Best PPV: Survivor Series

Match of the Season: Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rock Bottom

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