Sunday, January 7, 2018

Brandi and Cody Rhodes: Wrestling’s Power Couple

Two years ago, they were in WWE, doing the exact opposite of what they are doing today. Everyone knew they were married in real life, but on screen, they interacted either during backstage interviews or if she was saying, “making his way to ring.” Fast forward to 2018, Brandi and Cody Rhodes are one of Professional Wrestling’s hottest power couples. Together they have become global stars not just in the ring, but in mainstream media as well.

Ladies first right? Let’s start with Brandi. During her time in WWE, she warmed the crowd's ears with her lovely voice as she introduced the wrestlers to the ring or interviewed them backstage. Eden Stiles, as she was known as to the WWE Universe, made history in 2015, during her pay-per-view, when she became the first African-American woman to ring announce at WrestleMania. She remained with the company until she was granted her release to pursue other opportunities.

While fans loved seeing Brandi in the WWE, there are no complaints about seeing her elsewhere. She has since joined Ring of Honor and this time she is in the ring as a wrestler. Brandi also joins her husband Cody at ringside. She proves that she can also get down and dirty when she needs to. At Wrestle Kingdom 12, the two of them fooled Kota Ibushi during their match when Brandi played possum after taking a fall. She gained Obushi’s sympathy only to allow Cody to attack him from behind. 

With Brandi leaving WWE, she may have forfeited the opportunity to appear on the hit series Total Divas. However, reality T.V. would be in her future. She will appear WAGS Atlanta alongside other athletes wives and girlfriends. She has also been afforded the opportunity to contribute to OK Magazine as a fashion blogger. While the WWE was good to Brandi, life after is not bad at all.

While Brandi has been turning heads literally and figuratively, her husband Cody has risen to new heights as well. Since leaving WWE, Cody went to the global wrestling circuit and became one of the hottest names in wrestling. Within 12 months, he performed at WrestleMania, Slammiversary, Final Battle, and Wrestle Kingdom.

When Cody was granted his release, he tweeted a list. On that list, he named all of his opponents he wanted to face after his 90-day no-compete clause was up.

After this clause was up, fans saw a new side of Cody. Some say, they knew it was there the entire time, while others asked, where was this in the WWE. In any event, Cody he hit the global wrestling circuit and reminded everyone why he was the son of the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. Everything he touched turned into gold. You can make the argument that it is always difficult for a son to follow in their father's footsteps when their father was a megastar. We saw this with David Sammartino following Bruno and Walter Payton Jr following his dad. But instead of being the American dream, Cody Rhodes is the American Nightmare and he is doing just fine.

So what makes them wrestling's power couple? Take a look at them. You have a guy who looks like a million bucks, wearing championship gold and a diamond ring (kiss the ring!). And by his side, one of the most gorgeous women ever to appear on a screen in the professional wrestling world. Not only are they killing it in wrestling, but as said early they will be appearing in the show WAGs Atlanta. This move right here puts a new spotlight on Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling to the American audience. Wrestling fans will always watch shows their favorite wrestlers will appear on. But think about this, now you will have women who have no idea about these wrestling promotions tuning in, just because they want to see Brandi and Cody. It is time to respect the Rhodes family and recognize them as pro wrestling's power couple.

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