Monday, January 15, 2018

Titus WorldWide, Dana Brooke, Titus O'Neil, and Apollo Crews, is the Perfect Marriage

In the world of pro wrestling, sometimes you have too much talent. So what happens? They can become jobbers or they can become a part of a makeshift tag team. This is what happened with the Titus Worldwide. What you have is the team of Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews and they are managed by Dana Brooke. This was the right move on many levels.

Dana Brooke first becomes noticed on the main roster when she was paired with Charlotte Flair. She was to Charlotte what Arn Anderson was to Ric Flair. After the constant abuse, she would leave Charlotte. Afterwards, she was left in limbo. She would make attempts to get noticed, but the women's division is stacked and unfortunately, they are often limited to two stories at the most. Brooke's good looks were not enough, fans needed more. But then Titus Worldwide reached out.

O'Neil and Crews, both who have been struggling to win matches, reached out to Brooke after a loss to Asuka and told her they could help her. She would joke with them for losing to Samoa Joe and let them know that they should have studied more. This would lead to the parties coming together and more importantly, wins!

When O'Neil and Crews became a tag team, it seemed like a joke. We saw O'Neil stress the importance of a Titus Brand. He would then Akira Tozawa to the brand. But it just was not working, nor did anyone care. But now you add a beautiful woman and that changes things. Think about when the Smoking Gunns got stale and tried a heel turn, did you really care? No, but because Sunny was with them, suddenly things were much better. While Brooke is a better wrestler than Sunny, the women's division is too stacked right now, so adding her to Titus Worldwide gives her television time, and now that she is apart of them and they are winning, eventually we may be able to see them in the tag title picture.

What does this do for Brooke? Well since she is proving that she is the brains behind the operation, she will apply the notes that she is taking for O'Neil and Crews to her matches. So while this may look like a step back, it's actually a set up for a bigger step forward. Can you imagine if Titus Worldwide holds the Tag Team Titles and the Raw Women's Championship Simultaneously? It may sound far-fetched right now, but just give it six months.

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