Saturday, January 13, 2018

It's Not OK to Call LaVar Ball a Cancer

It’s a deadly disease. It is painful. Not just for the person suffering, but their family members as well. Cancer. It’s a harsh, dirty word. Some call it the big C. Some call it a death sentence. None of these things describe LaVar Ball. 

On Twitter, I came across a debate where broadcaster Will Cain called LaVar Ball a cancer along with other names. I would go on to see the founder of Black Sports Online, Robert Littal respond with one of the best clap backs I’ve seen.  You can see the tweet below and feel free to follow the thread. Littal also went on to join Kelsey Nicole Nelson on Listen in with KNN to talk further about this. You can listen to that by clicking here. 

Why is the word cancer such a big deal? For me, it changed my world upside down. I lost my uncle to prostate cancer in 2012. My uncle was one of my closest family members. He was like a third parent but also like a big brother. I hate that disease. I hate that word. So when someone calls a black man who is a father to his children, who is a businessman, and who is an innovator, I have a problem with that person. 

Just because you do not like someone’s opinion or motives does not give you the right to call them a cancer. Sure, you may think I’m overreacting considering far worse could have been said, but using a word that compares someone to a disease that kills people, a disease that almost makes it ok for anyone to wear a shirt with a certain four-letter word, then you should really evaluate your life. At the end of the day, there are far worse people in this world, including one who sports the number 45; you can take your pick as to who that is. 

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