Saturday, January 13, 2018

Paige's Injury Reminds us Wrestling is NOT Fake

I have gone on record saying that it is very disrespectful to call the professional wrestling fake. Sure, call it predetermined, but the f-word is derogatory. Droz, Edge, Daniel Bryan, and it appears now Paige have all suffered career ending injuries due to in-ring competition. Click the video above to see the kick that may have ended her career.

Like Triple H noted in the video above, professional wrestlers tell a story with their bodies. From the moment they walk to the ring, to the moment they a return to the dressing room, everything they do matters. When I was in middle school, I defended wrestling, constantly saying it was not fake. I was not smarten up to the business of predetermination. Afterall, how would I know, no one I knew was in the business. Then I saw some behind the scenes content. I was wrong, but I did know one thing, they were putting their bodies on the line.

I remember when Edge and Daniel Bryan both announced that they would not be cleared to ever wrestle again. The emotions that went through the arena on both of those nights reminded us that what they do may be choreographed, but they feel every bump they take. There is a 100% chance that an injury can happen. Do you call the NFL fake? Players and wrestlers often suffer the same injuries. It is not official that Paige's career is over, but we must remember that what they do is NOT FAKE.

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