Sunday, February 4, 2018

Wrestling For The Culture: February 4, 2018

Booker T Calls out Corey Graves

In his recent podcast, Booker T called out Corey Graves and says that it was his fault that the five-time WCW champion was removed from the Raw commentary team. Booker said that the front office did not want him to break Graves' neck. You can listen to the entire episode here.
A lot of fans are on Twitter ripping Booker saying that he sucked and that was the real reason. I am not going to say that commentary is my favorite thing from Booker T, but I always enjoyed his insight. While it is great to see Coach back, it sucks that Graves did cost Booker some money. Booker T called Corey Graves out, challenging him to a fight at WrestleMania. The fact that Graves had a career ending injury lets us know this will not happen, however it would be a great site to see.

The Girl on Fire Makes an Impact
Kiera Hogan made her long-anticipated debut on Impact Wrestling. Hogan defeated the Impact Wrestling Women's Champion, Laurel Van Ness, becoming the first woman to pin her since June of 2016. Hogan impressed management so much that she has earned her title shot this week on #ImpactOnPOP.  This is just the beginning for the Girl on Fire. She has made a name for herself quickly wrestling in promotions such Booker T's Reality of Wrestling, Shine, and Shimmer

ACH Adds More Gold

Photo Cred. Basil Mahmud

ACH made history Saturday, February 3rd when he became the first African American to ever win the AAW Pro Heavyweight Championship.

Triple H Puts Over Ricochet

Perhaps the hottest free agent signing in 2018, Ricochet made his in-ring debut last week, and Triple H could not be more excited. He said feel free to discuss so I will. We have heard the stories of Vince McMahon getting excited about certain recruits. This is one of those times where The Game himself is excited about. I expect to see Ricochet pushed to the moon, but only time will tell.

Lashley vs Lesnar?

This is a feud I can get behind. Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley would be very hard hitting and would feel as real as it gets. Right now its just the sheets talking as far as Lashley signing with the WWE and being put in a program with Lesnar, but one can dream right?

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