Sunday, April 22, 2018

Memorable Scenes from Scandal

Scandal is over. Can you believe it? After 7 great seasons, there will be no more popcorn, red wine, tweetstorms, spoilers, and worst of all, no more Oliva Pope. But there are lots of memorable scenes that we can still keep. Here are some that include quotes that we will always be able to apply in our everyday lives.

"You have to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have"

Perhaps the line that every black person should live by. Rowan speaks to Oliva and motivates him the best way any father could.

"I make America great"

On the final episode, Rowan took the stand and let them know, a black man was running the United States the entire time.

"You lost the one person that who felt like family, well grow up because that's how it is."

Olivia Pope talks to Cyrus Beane after his husband was killed.

"They question my authority"

Art imitates life. During a time where the country has been torn over the fact that there are a lot of police killing innocent black men. On this episode, we get a monologue from a cop that echoes how many cops feel today.

"If you want me, earn me!"

No matter how much a woman wants a man, and a man wants a woman, the woman holds all the keys. It's just a matter if she knows it or not. Olivia Pope knew she held the keys.

"You own me... you control me"

Olivia and Fitz never had their happy ending, but Fitz didn't love anyone the way he loved Oliva.

"He needs YOU, Olivia"

Mellie knew that not only Olivia and Fitz were sleeping together, she knew deep down inside Olivia is what Fitz needed, what drove him. And during the time of re-election, she called on Olivia. 

"It's handled"

In the first episode of Scandal, Olivia Pope set the tone of what would be the next seven years when she single-handedly helped Fitz avoid a sex scandal.

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