Monday, May 7, 2018

The Miz Should Win Money In The Bank

In 2010, he won Money in the Bank and cashed in on Randy Orton to win his 1st WWE Championship and went on to successfully main event WrestleMania 27. Nearly eight years later, The Miz is the most must see heel in television. 

The Miz held the WWE Intercontinental Championship 8 times for a combined 599 days. Many recognize Chris Jericho as the greatest IC champion in history, but you can easily throw the Miz in that argument. After failing to regain the title at WWE Backlash, The Miz stated that he would be moving on to the WWE Championship by qualifying for Money in the Bank. 

Miz said that Money in the Bank is all about strategy and that he holds the power. This could be the very thing that puts him back on the mountain top. On an episode of Table for 3, Miz said that he would love to headline WrestleMania once again it seemed impossible. From 2013-2016, he didn’t seem to be the guy who you would build the show around. Was he a solid midcarder? Sure. But calling him the number one heel in wrestling was a stretch. 

Why should he win Money in the Bank? Sometimes the briefcase is used to elevate someone, other times it’s used to get someone get going again. Many may say The Miz doesn’t need it, but considering how the briefcase is used, it would be a perfect fit for the Miz. There was a prediction meme that shows Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Title and The Miz cashes in on him. If you thought the world hated Randy Orton in 2013, you can triple that if The Miz does it considering Bryan’s heroic comeback story. 

This year the Money in the Bank should go to The Miz. If they have two briefcases, there is no one else on the Smackdown roster who would benefit from it the way he does. Sure Samoa Joe could, but he has already stated that he is coming for the title. Bryan never got his rematch after vacating the title, and Big Cass still has a long way to go to prove he is more than seven feet tall. Can you imagine The Miz carrying the WWE Championship on every major talk show in 2018? It would be GOLD!!!

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