Monday, July 16, 2018

Ghost Has No Control

When the series Power kicked off, Ghost was someone the average man idolized. He owned a nightclub, lived in a penthouse, and had what seemed like was the perfect family. In addition he was still one of the biggest drug dealers in New York City. His family wanted for nothing. But after a few bad decisions, he has seemed to lose control of his life. 

Let’s start with Angela. Angela was his high school sweetheart who didn’t see him as Ghost but Jamie. In the beginning, he was trying to get out of the game and have nothing but legit income, but his wife Tasha was not happy with that. Fast forward Ghost found himself in a few situations where he had to stay in the game. Eventually he would lose Angela. While she loves him, she arrested him when she believed he killed another man she loved. Now Ghost needs her and she is no where to be found. 

Then there is Tommy and Kanan. In what seemed like it was going to be a happy family reunion due to a common enemy, he finds himself in a situation where he is being controlled by some strangers due to the fact that Tommy got a couple of hitman killed because of his own recklessness. As far as Kanan, you can’t trust him no further than you can throw him. So that’s someone else Ghost has to keep his eye on. 

Moving on to Tasha. We cannot forget that these two where on the brick of divorce before Ghost went to jail. Now she is questioning his every move and no longer is she the loyal ride or die wife. She hasn’t turn her back on him completely but now she has her own love interest. 

Now we have Tariq. Every father dreams of having a son. Someone who can be his second chance at life. To clean up all the mistakes. What does Tariq do? He goes down the same path and why? Because Ghost got distracted at a crucial time in Tariq’s life and he also lied to him. Now Tariq is the most hated child on television and communicating with Dre, his dad’s nemesis behind his back. So not only does Tariq know his dad want to kill Dre, he is essentially protecting him. Again Ghost has no control over his own son. 

Last there is Councilman Tate. Can you say snake in the grass? This guy has his own agenda and does not care what Ghost thinks. He wants Ghost to be his puppet. Anytime you try to exploit the death of a man’s daughter for your own political gain already shows everyone what type of guy they are dealing with. So we know Ghost has no control over this situation. 

It will be interesting to see what it will take for Ghost to regain some control in his life. The moment he killed the drunk driver was an example of Ghost trying to find something to make him feel better after not only losing his daughter but his life in general. 

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