Sunday, July 15, 2018

Tommy, Who Can You Trust?

Plot Twist! Tony Teresi, Tommy's father is out of jail, after serving what Tommy believed was going to be a life sentence, but after making a "deal with the devil" Teresi is now once again, seeing the light of day. Tommy is immediately suspicious, after all, he still does not know Teresi.

Tommy asked for advice from both Kanan and Keisha, but both of them encourage him to build a relationship with Teresi. But the one person who is also suspicious, Tommy cannot trust her either and that is his mother. The same woman who, within reason, wanted Tommy to stay away from him. But it is hard to believe someone who is a drug addict that lies all the time. I don't see Teresi making it through the season. Considering he is working with the feds, it will not be long for Tommy to get smartened up. But we cannot forget Toresi's people still have Tommy by the neck. So clearly he has made a few enemies. It will be interesting to see if Teresi will let them know he is out jail and when he does, will they be able to trust him as well. Join me on The Flex Zone this Monday Night as I discuss Episode 503.

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