Monday, July 2, 2018

Why Tariq Why?

He's the Most Hated Child on TV

The sins of the father always come back to haunt. That is certainly the case with Tariq St. Patrick. While his dad James also known as Ghost was stepping out with Angela, he was distracted from being the father of a teenage son who is growing up in the streets of New York City. Fast forward a couple of years and Tariq is out in the streets trying to be a man.

His attempt at being a man got his sister killed. His twin sister. How worse could it get? Was that enough for the world to hate him? Once he killed his sister's killer you would think some of the viewers would let up right? Well maybe not. But believe it or not, he made fans hate him even more. How? Tariq decided to side with Dre. The man who has been stabbing his father in the back. And Tariq has been protecting him! Why?

When you look at Tariq, he thinks he is a man and he wants to be treated as such. However, his dad is and will continue to look at him as a child. And just as Dre was about to get that smoke, it was Tariq who warned him. How long will it be before we see Dre show Tariq his true colors? Will you ever get to a point you will stop calling for the Power Writers to kill Tariq?

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