Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Jalen Ramsey Disses Joe Flacco

In a recent GQ article, Jaguars All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey talks about every quarterback including Joe Flacco. He says the Super Bowl 47 MVP sucks. Reminds the reporter that he played him twice. It’s no secret that I was a huge Joe Flacco fan, but those days are over and I am personally ready for the Lamar Jackson era to begin. But he is the quarterback so Ravens fans have to deal with him this year. Thinking about this quote I had to look at Flacco’s stats vs Ramsey’s Jaguars the past two years and here is what I got:

2016: 29/40,  214 Passing Yards, 0 TDS and 2 INT. WIN
2017: 8/18, 28 Passing Yards, 0 TDS and 2 INT LOSS

Is he wrong? In 2017, Ramsey picked off Flacco. That was the game in London where the Jags destroyed the Ravens, 44-7. Personally, that was the day I threw away my Joe Flacco fan card. For the record, I was at the Ravens official draft part in 2016 and you could hear the air leave the room when the Jaguars selected Ramsey ahead of the Ravens. 

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