Sunday, August 26, 2018

Power Episode 508: 50 Cent Does The Unthinkable

Just when you think you have answered all of the questions, Courtney Kemp and 50 Cent changes all of the questions. Shocked is one of many words to describe the Power viewing audience after episode 508. Kanan is dead. Can you believe it? 

After Tasha pleaded with Tariq go choose her or Kanan and Tariq stormed off it seemed like he chose Kanan. This was not a surprise. Tariq felt that Kanan was the only person who  kept it real with him. He told him about his parents past, taught him how to sell drugs, and treated him like a son. But remember his real son Shawn? Kanan killed Shawn. 

When Tariq found out that it was true that Kanan killed Shawn, he looked at him differently. After all, Shawn was his big brother. When you are the oldest sibling you carry a lot of weight on your shoulders. And when you do not have a brother at all, it is often hard to find someone who you can trust, who you can relate to. Shawn was that guy for Tariq. And when he learned that it was Kanan that killed him, Tariq found an opening and he took it. Set up Kanan to go back to jail and that would clear his name and get justice for Shawn. 

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