Monday, September 3, 2018

Could Cameron Be The One To Help Naomi?

Could we see the Funkadactyls reunite? This guy right here would be all for it. I said on last week’s episode of Break It Down W/ Brian H. that Naomi needs help. So of course I’m thinking her cousin by marriage and former Team Bad partner, Tamina could be that person or maybe even former foe Lana but I never thought a former superstar could return. Well maybe this can happen?

Recently on Twitter, Naomi made it clear that she’s has been reaching out to former partner Cameron in a plead for help. On Labor Day, Cameron responded. How cool would it be for Cameron to return and help Naomi overcome the IIconics? Anyone who knows me, knows that Cameron is one of my all-time favorites. She has the crossover appeal and was getting better in the ring. The chemistry is already there so why not. Maybe it’s me having wishful thinking or maybe it could become a reality. Only time will tell. 

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