Monday, September 3, 2018

Tommy It Was Tough But It Had To Be Done

Tommy is perhaps the most loyal person on Power. While he can be a loose cannon and a cold-blooded killer, there’s no denying the fact that if he loves, he will die for you. Look at his relationship with Ghost, when they were on opposite teams, Tommy couldn’t drive himself to kill him. And when Holly set up the hit, Tommy killed her. While he loved Holly, he was not going to allow her to kill his brother. While he may have killed her by accident, his last victim was no accident. 

Tony Teresi came into Tommy’s life while Ghost was in jail. Tommy’s mom kept him away from Tommy because she knew he was no good. While the two have a very complicated relationship, there’s no denying the fact that they love each other. She kept telling Tommy that his dad was no good. However, no matter how old you are, when you finally believe you have a void filled, you will do whatever it is to keep it filled. 

As ruthless as Tommy is when it comes to strangers, he has the biggest heart for those he love. Take Keisha for instance. He protected her from danger and then started to fall for her. Even though he was happy to be sleeping with her, slowly but surely he started gaining feelings. He introduced her to his dad and stepmother and even had to defend her against them. So when the evidence of Teresi snitching was presented to him, you could see he was hurt and did not want to believe it. Ghost knew Tommy would not want to believe it, so he went to his connect. After Tommy eliminated his dad, he went to his mom and cried in her arms. Painful but it had to be done. But what happens next? Tommy just killed one of the feds informants. And even worse, he left the body by the grave. So what happens next?

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