Saturday, November 10, 2018

Keeping the Universal Championship Away From Braun Strowman Does Not Seem So Bad After All

Word on the street is Braun Strowman has some HEAT! Rumors circulated around stating that the reason the WWE officials decided to go with Brock Lesnar over Strowman was because Strowman has rubbed some people the wrong way because he leaves shows early and - insert other reason-   Whether or not there is heat, keeping the title off Strowman may not be a bad idea. How long can he really sustain a run as the Universal Champion?

In wrestling, many times you have to strike the iron while it’s hot. For Strowman, that time may have been during the Spring or Summer. He won the Greatest Royal Rumble followed by the Money in the Bank. But for the Raw brand, the focus was getting the title to Roman Reigns who had been chasing since February. After Reigns won the title from Lesnar, it may have not been a bad idea to have Strowman cash in but then again, that would have defeated the purpose of having Reigns chase. Unfortunately Reigns title run was watered down due to Baron Corbin restricting his title defense to only WWE Crown Jewel. Unfortunately for Reigns, he would have to relinquish the title due to sickness. Instead of going with Strowman now, WWE decided to go with Lesnar. Again, it does not seem like a bad idea now. 

I’ve been one who have been very vocal about the WWE Universal Championship not being on Raw every week. Nothing has changed I still feel that way, however I do think there is an opportunity for someone else to win the title and that would be a bigger impact. 

Strowman could win the title, but how good would his title reign really be? The Big Show is a 4-time world champion and he has been vocal saying that big guys like him and Strowman do not make great champions because everyone can’t work with them. The more I think about it, he’s got a point. With Reigns out, who else would give you a match with Strowman that would be box office? And is he really the guy that children look up to? Or is he just a larger than life figure that they are amazed by? Think about this, children loved NWO Wolfpac Kevin Nash but they had the Sting toys and dolls. They liked face Big Show and Undertaker but they wanted the Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rock merchandise. And if you make him a heel champion, which baby face can dethrone him? Did WWE drop the ball on Strowman, maybe or perhaps like always they are smarter than us and know exactly why they didn’t go with him. 

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